VATER Interiors is one of the leading interior Contractors, specialized in Turn-key of Office Fit-out, Show Rooms, Workspace Design and Interior Design Fit-out works.


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Vater Interiors is one of the leading interior service providers in Saudi Arabia, specialized in turn-key Workspace Design and Interior Design Fit-out works. The company has a reputation for sheer dedication to crafting quality interiors. With our skilled professionals having extensive experience in the area and our three decades of success, we set a new standard for our competitors. Our customers are our top priority. Hence, we help create an ambiance for your business to thrive by finely designing a comfortable and flexible workspace. With the inventiveness and diligence of our architects, we redefine the art of crafting Showrooms, Office Kiosks, Exhibition Stands, and Office Ambiance. We thoughtfully plan your workspace interior according to your solace level and personal preferences.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is working with people to design SHOWROOMS, OFFICES KIOSK, EXHIBITION STANDS and OFFICE AMBIENCE that our customers desire to work in and work with. Our concept of creation is more aligned to innovation and functionality.

Our Values
  • Be commercially competitive
  • Act with integrity and fairness
  • Create a challenging and performance driven culture
  • Protect the environment
  • Recognize the needs of the community
  • Encourage innovation and technological leadership

Our Services

We serve mainly for office, restaurants, clinics cafeterias and hospitals, showrooms, and private residences, we provide a variety of interior and exterior services. With a wide range of materials and design concepts, we've got you covered. Our expert engineers and workers are ready to provide you with highest quality service and complete the job on time.

Our Clients

The Best Interior Design Companies in Saudi Arabia
If you are looking to establish your business in Saudi Arabia then it's the right time to think about it. All of the industries are blooming in this Era because of watched changes in technology because of industrial revolution 4.0. Almost all sectors are trying to change accordingly to be the best in the market, especially with their direct competitors. Saudi Arabia market is a highly rich penetrating market because of these dominant changes. Saudi Arabia is also allowing foreign investors to invest in different kinds of sectors in the Saudi Arabia market. Being a businessman is not that simple but the world and atmosphere make us establish ourselves as good businessmen through Saudi Arabia's nature. If you’re starting a company in Saudi Arabia you must have an office space in Saudi Arabia Then you should find the best interior designing company to achieve your need. Looking for an interior designing company in Saudi Arabia. Then you are under the right place to full fill your dream space
Fulfil Yourdreams Space With Turnkey Solutions
Our expert engineers are very skilled in validating your concept and reading your mind to give a better design. We use our creative minds and thoughts to achieve your objectives considering the dos and don'ts while designing. Our team is always been on track to follow your work in every stage to a sure that work progression is going well and actually meet completion in each stage. We Vater the best interior company in Saudi Arabia are equipped with end-to-end interior design and execution from your concept validation to final execution that includes the requirements of an organization. Our process makes water different and others. First, we interact with you for a better understanding of your vision and idea about your space. Our interior design analyst makes the final requirement list depending on your needs and shares it with our interior designs. We use the best technology for designing your space with the latest model interior ideas to visualize it. We mainly consider space utilization with classic design. Our projects and designs are should be based office interior design Company in Saudi Arabia which give the reputation of your company the best quality and service from Vater. We take care of old areas including Turkey solutions cladding joinery works ceiling partition flooring painting furniture etc.
Most Promising Fit out Company in Saudi Arabia
We have an expert team of project managers, engineers, and tradesmen to complete your interior project from start to finish as one of the best office fit-out, restaurant, or any other fit-out contractors in Saudi Arabia vater Design has evolved from a small team to the best commercial fit-out company in Saudi Arabia,managing all our projects with our own teams. Our crew takes care of everything from the design phase of a project to execution. Undertaking an office, restaurant or any other fit-out is not only an opportunity to update and polish the interior. This will increase the space available to keep up with your growth, upgrade the location's features and take productivity to a new level. Creating a new environment where people feel comfortable and motivated has multiple benefits for any business. We understand the importance of MEP (Mechanical Electrical Plumbing) MEP and HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning System) to ensure the office is fully functional and fit for use. As one of the most technically savvy office fit-out companies in Saudi Arabia, we understand the importance of MEP (Mechanical Electrical Plumbing), MEP, and HVAC (Heating Ventilation, and Air Conditioning System) to ensure the office is fully functional and suitable. use Our team of expert engineers handles all technical aspects of each project, allowing us to be one of the few turn-key fit-out contractors in Saudi Arabia. Each client has full control and responsibility for timely and high-quality project delivery, which is managed entirely by our staff. We have completed many projects around Saudi Arabia, cementing our position as one of the most experienced office fit-out contractors in Saudi Arabia. Our customers range in size from small businesses to large organizations. We have worked on projects in the hotel, retail, commercial, and healthcare industries. Each new client or project we take on will be assigned a dedicated project manager and a full team of site experts to ensure we provide personalized and tailored services. We approach each assignment with professionalism, producing high-quality products with the goal of exceeding our client's expectations. Our experienced team has completed projects across Saudi Arabia. To offer the highest quality materials and finishes, we have a well-established network of partners and suppliers across Europe and the Middle East area. We also have a joinery facility in Saudi Arabia to manufacture and refine designs for any of our projects. Our team of in-house construction experts and carpenters use the latest technologies to provide the best quality joinery products to our customers. Quality, Health, Safety, and Environmental Management are all ISO certified in our organization
Best Interior Turnkey Company In Saudi Arabia
Best Interior Turnkey Company In Saudi Arabia Vater is a commercial interior designing company in Saudi Arabia. We specialized on commercial interior designing in spaces such as corporate office, cafeterias, restaurants showrooms etc. If you are a businessman and looking for to start your business in Saudi Arabia then you should think about office space. You can have both two options like choosing a dedicated shared office space or set up a new office Setting a new office space much more comfortable than sharing office space. It's why because it is very easy to accommodate all the staff according to the organization structure within a well-organized plac While set up in office space you must include several factors like location of the office, purpose of the office, number of employees, tools used, behavior of the organization, capacity of the staff, work method. Basically discovered utilization of a space that leaves to achieve a common Goal of the organization. So it is better to connect with the professional interior designing and executive company in Saudi Arabia. Vater is well skilled and experienced in commercial interior designing specially in offices and showrooms etc. Vater is set up turnkey construction solution for the customers who are looking to complete furnishing with limited time which including all type of works like workstations, celling’s, electrical works, networking, partition, CCTV, air conditioning etc. If you are looking separate dealers and team to do individual task you have loss in both financial as well time that effective business because we know that the time is everything. When you making us as your interior partner we will serve with full set up turnkey company solution as per your requirement. Also there are different sectors poor looking to start their business in restaurant areas or building a new project like constructions etc. we can help with best electrical design for building construction and restaurant interior design with commercial office designing set up with fully equipped turnkey solutions. Office workstation is one of the major component in an organization. On the purpose and utility the design of workstation maybe varied. Normally single work stations are used for individual purpose and in another way versus for group activities like cubical work stations. Ceiling provide the best ambience in an office. Mostly the top of the office covered with ceiling basically made with gypsum board includes lightings. Area and availability of the space ceiling designs can be changed. Mostly they called in the name of false ceiling. Different kinds of materials may use in the celling but give some is the most used materials for doing ceilings.
Electrical design for building construction
Without electrical works we cannot make operations inside the office like writing without a book or paper. Depends on the electrical installation; we can choose residential installation or commercial installation or vehicular insulation. Almost of the lighting, air conditioning, CCTV, power plugs, computers are actually works under the best connected electric connections. Networking is actually the term used for connecting the wall systems together to form a single connection for transferring the fall together it's called basically LAN. But internet connections and networking is used in offices like it or software companies. Networking is actually the term used for connecting the wall systems together to form a single connection for transferring the fall together it's called basically LAN. But internet connections and networking is used in offices like it or software companies. It's very interesting to design a new restaurant interior design; that actually serve the best food. Different kind of interior of can be done in restaurant depends on the menu they served. The main food and ambience is the one of the major attraction for the every restaurant. Some of the major key element when designing a restaurant
Think like a guest
When designing restaurant you should think you are the guest in your restaurantso you should give a best elegance and classic feelto enjoy the time of having.
Be true to your brand
Your brand say is all about you so you design should be correlated with your brand that actually speak what is the unique features of your food or why you serving through this brand. It's nothing other than your brand.
Don't skimp on storage
We know that is a restaurant so most of the spaces should be designed to accommodate storage spaces. Which means so you when you deciding the space utility should be in your mind with the space allocation. So you can simply manage the storage space easily
Little things matter
Not bigger but littles are the best. You should consider small points in every accessible area of a customer that means of the customer should be in your mind while designing and interior for restaurant. Old area should be in a elegant classic design to feel them proud and make comfortable from their busy life when they were in your space.
It's not just visual
We don't think thatit is not about doing more paintings and Vishal on the walls. But after going from the space their memory is actually say about our brand.
It's not just visual
We don't think thatit is not about doing more paintings and Vishal on the walls. But after going from the space their memory is actually say about our brand. While designing in interior for showroom the purpose should be initially considered. We need to provide more visual access that means space allocation for customer axis and product showcase area to the showroom is a must consideration. The layout should be prepared in a manner that can includes more showcase space. Tiffin coins of showrooms are available that means showcasing something to their customers is actually the goal behind the showroom. We can consider all the factors while designing showroom for better satisfaction for the objective. Partitions is actually for vote to provide the separations from one space to another inside an office. Depending on the structure of the organization separations may be partial fully closed etc. The materials used for separating the walls or feelings maybe glass wooden gypsum etc. Basically the separation is doing for to get a privacy in office space or to do for getting separate works. Without CCTV no office is can we work better CCTV is now is an essential part of every organization. All the details and all the information about visitors outgoing what happening in the office recorded and stored in a space call cloud. We can use it for the further checking or better management of the organization. Depending on the purpose and specifications of the camera and storage space the price maybe varied. For to give a good atmospheric condition is an important factor when designing and office. Air conditioning system is used for to condition the space inside the office that actually satisfy the employees because of the body must be in a comfortable condition. There are different kind of AC sir available like split AC, inverter AC, centralized AC, etc. Depending on the space the specification of the AC can be changed. Our specialization in commercial office design make Vater is becoming the most trustful interior designing company in Saudi Arabia . Our skilled engineers create versatile designs for your space which will full-fill your goal as per the customer requirement. Get in touch with us!
Best Flooring Company In Saudi Arabia

Are you looking for an Interior company to do your flooring work don't worry Vater will be your best choice, because we are at top at the list of best interior flooring companies in Saudi Arabia we provide the total flooring solution in Saudi Arabia first of all you have to be a little away of what is flooring and what type of floorings are relevant in the market. One of the most significant aspects of a structure is the flooring. The first thing a person touches when entering a home or business is the floor. The importance of the floor in any structure cannot be overstated. It is said that if the foundation is strong, the entire structure will be strong. Any company's flooring is determined by its work style and interior design. Being a structure has a lot of weight these days. If it's poor, adding something else will have a major impact on the aesthetics. As a result, I must select the best flooring available and ensure that it is appropriate for the institution's needs. The floor, meanwhile, should be designed by the top interior designers in the industry. Today, the floor canbe purchased for a variety of rates on the market. Today's flooring comes in a variety of styles. Its selection should take into account eachinstitution's working style. Tile flooring, vinyl flooring, carpet flooring, parquet flooring, raised flooring, and rubber flooring are the most frequent and widely utilized technologies.

What is tile flooring?
Do you want to know about the tile flooring company in Saudi Arabia ? Know more about flooring you are at the right place One of the most common and popular types of flooring is flooring tiles. Marble, granite, vitrified tiles, porcelain tiles, and ceramic tiles are just a few of the various types of tiles available. These are normally chosen based on the institutions or house's character, construction process, and budget. Marble and granite gradually became the property of the wealthy, and they were heavier and thicker than the others. Marble and granite gradually became the property of the wealthy, and they were heavier and thicker than the others. As a result, the used flooring will be colder than the remainder of the floor. Another type of tile that is often utilized is vitrified tiles. In addition, they have a higher level of finishing brilliance than the others. Their surface is durable and sturdy at the same time. This is one of the most popular type of tiles. Ceramic tiles are one of the most commonly utilized tile types for walls, while porcelain tiles are another option. This allows us to select from a wide range of categories and quality levels to meet the demands of the poor.
Carpet flooring
Are you looking for a carpet flooring company in Saudi Arabia , Vater is your choice we serve you the best solution and awareness about Services also ,you can know more about the carpet flooring from here This is one of the most usual flooring options. Carpeting is suitable for both the home and the office. Carpet provides a unique feel, despite being less durable than many other types of flooring. There are a variety of carts on the market, ranging in price from low to high. It can be used on both wood and plywood surfaces, as well as on the floor. As a result, we can readily handle fragile objects in a safe manner. Objects landing on the floor are less likely to detonate quickly as a result of this cushioning effect.Carpeting also has a very different soft feel to it, which is really different.Heat-retaining carpets absorb the heat in the room and keep aa warm at all times.As a result, carpet is becoming more popular in locations with good cooling.Carpets, on the other hand, are rarely used in situations where direct watering is required. Vinyl flooring Are you searching the list for the best vinyl flooring companies in Saudi Arabia you can relax now we provide you the best solutions for your whole interior works? And a little awareness about vinyl flooring Vinyl is a popular flooring option for both homes and businesses. These have the advantage of being substantially less expensive than other options. They are simpler to set up and require less time to complete. Vinyl flooring comes in a variety of styles and quality levels. We have complete control over quality, price, and design. There is also no need to do anything between the vinyl and the floor provided the floor is level. WPC and SPC models are some of the models that can be used in the bathroom, such as direct water taps. Vinyl flooring is very popular among the general people because of its low cost. Now you are a little aware of things, and you can stop searching vinyl flooring contractors near me and we will be your better choice
Raised flooring
This is a unique kind of flooring. They’re employed in a very different way from the others. They are only utilized to fully authenticate a building's or institution's requirements. Majority of the raised access flooring contractors fixing the height of floor 12 inches to 6 feet off the ground. Raised Flooring has a variety of stories attached to it. Electric wires that flow through a particular location are sometimes employed as mechanical or plumbing utility lines or lecture stands. In clothes businesses, they're also employed as a trial stand. Raised flooring is frequently used just on the necessary elements of the inside of a room or structure. They can be found in apparel stores, hotels, restaurants, and shopping malls. Flooring can be made of a range of materials, including concrete, steel, and wood. Yes, the selection of these materials is influenced by the need for elevated flooring.
Raised flooring
Rubber flooring? Rubber flooring is one of the most popular types of flooring. They are, however, mostly employed in gyms, play schools, playrooms, bathrooms, sports, and other indoor settings. This is a fantastic flooring option. The appearance of the rubber flooring will be doubled if it is installed on a very smooth surface. Because they are really lovely when viewed at the same level. Rubber flooring can be installed over concrete, however adhesive must be used between the floor and the concrete. Natural wood rubber or green synthetic materials are used to make rubber flooring. The rubber room, which is also a strong noise absorber, is completely silent. Rubber flooring, on the other hand, can withstand vater. As a result, they provide a better grip on wet surfaces than other types of flooring. Now you know about the rubber flooring what are you waiting for we are here to serve you are the best rubber flooring company in Saudi Arabia
Flooring is a type of flooring that has been around for a long time. Their allure, though, is unashamedly retro. When it comes to painting an image of parquet flooring, most of us have a laid-back attitude. These are accomplished in two ways: One was created entirely of pure wood, while the other was constructed entirely of engineered wood. Both strategies have their own set of benefits. Engineering wood, which is the primary and most appealing wood parquet flooring, can endure the negative effects of moisture. There is a significant alteration in eyesight in both circumstances. Although they are useful in engineering, they are rarely utilised in bathrooms. Similarly, these cars are noisier than other types. As a result, they are rarely employed in offices. However, the price is gradually moving forward. Although this sort of flooring is widespread in households, it may also be found in many high-end hotels.
Raised flooring
Now the choice is yours you can stop knowing that best parquet flooring company near you Vater is your interior solution